Human Cognitive Shifting in AR and Computer-Assisted Material Crafting for Design and Making

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DC I/O 2020 proceeding by EKA PRADNYANIDA I GEDE.


This paper investigates the possibilities of using Augmented Reality (AR) tools to bridge the gap between intuitive human crafting skill and fully automated process for material exploration and making in design processes. The discussion focuses on how AR tools create an interactive dialogue between designer, materials, and advanced tools in fabrication process as well as inventing various unique forms and ordinary designs. It discerns the combination of the intuitive human making and crafting processes with highly precised of computer programming and fastly fabricated advance machine. This technique enables live interaction during design exploration. By so doing, it assists designers in revealing uncovered potential of material and uncovering complex and unique geometry based on material behaviors and characteristics, by combining a strong relationship between human hand and mind utilizing the application of intuitive programming methods, such as kinesthetic teaching, gesture recording using optic track tools, and robotic path manipulation. All of which enable live interaction and create direct dialogues between human intuition and robot during the exploration process.

Data is collected by a third-person through observing design processes of different cases using various design tools. Subsequently, the observation results were mapped based on several parameters to discover behavioral changes and their implication on design result in different cases and tools used. The preliminary findings indicate an interesting result in creating a new form using the application of intuitive programming tools. Shifts in behaviour produce a new space for designers to think and a new way of exploring materials and investigating underexplored design opportunity out of it which leads to an efficient material usage and inventing a new opportunity of material used in the design as well as proposing a new possibility of methodology in the design realm.


Material, Fabrication, AR, Cognition.


design process (190), fabrication process (120), manual bending (70), thinking and making (63), holographic assisted bending (63), augmented reality (60), real time (60), design exploration (55), second curve (50), holographic projection (50), design making (50), manual assembly (50), intuitive human (50), holographic assembly (50), making process (50), interactive design exploration (47), protected override void (47), summary protected override (47), holographic image (40), intuitive human crafting skill (40), holographic assisted bending result (40), digital model (40), manual modeling (40), digital tool (40), human behavior (40), advanced tool (40), robotic fabrication (40), human making and crafting (40), live interaction (40), bending point (40)


3D Sensing Cameras, AR Cloud, Architecture, Augmentation, Digital Fabrication, Modelling



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Full text: Maciel, A. (Ed.), 2020. Design Computation Input/Output 2020, 1st ed. Design Computation, London, UK. ISBN: 978-1-83812-940-8, DOI:10.47330/DCIO.2020.QPRF9890