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Pages in are as short as possible and focus only on computational design taxonomies, cultures and ontologies. A page might be a simple definition that gradually evolves to have Motivation & Background, Structures and Applications with many detailed subtopics. Always categorize your pages.


Compulsory.Equivalent topics in order of similitude,listed from equivalent to least equivalent. Hyperlinked.


Compulsory. An abstract defining the topic and outlining the main Propositions of the topic.

Motivation & Background

The theoretical framework, reasoning, Intellectual background. Includes detailed Characteristics and Theory.


The mechanism depiction of the topic clarifying.


Generality of the method or theory.


Generality of the method or theory.


Generality of the method or theory.


Description of cases and application with steps-by-step explanations. This includes Examples with scrips, computer code or mathematical model illustrating the application in the many design development platform available (listed in alphabetical order). For each platform (Dynamo, Grasshopper, Processing, etc.), one might find internal and external links.


Platform Application 1A Links
C# App A; App B;
Catia App A App B
Dynamo App A App B
Grasshopper App A App B
Java App A App B
JavaScript App A App B
OpenFrameworks App A App B
Processing App A App B
Python App A App B
Rhino Script App A App B

Future Directions

Avoid the term Discussion as this will be addressed on Talk.


Recommended Reading

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