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Falah Al-Rashidi


I am a second year student in Architectural Association (AA) studying with Soomeen Hahm in London. Born in Chicago and raised in Suffolk, England.

Research Focus

Modular Robotics

My project is about using collective intelligence found by employing modular robotics in various construction methods. I began my investigation by looking at references that cast in water. Therefore my study has been based on underwater construction and how by using collective intelligence in modular robotics I can speculate and provoke alternative methods or solutions to current issues with contemporary construction methods used underwater. In my project I have investigated many different materials which I could potentially use as a local component in my construction including wax, metals and concrete. Then by looking into biomimicry to try and design modular robots to collectively construct a structure underwater.


To create complex underwater structures which are very difficult and time consuming to fabricate unless we use Modular Robotics for their construction.