Form-Finding Algorithm via Style Transfer

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DC I/O 2020 proceeding by CHUN-SHUO HSIAO & PHOENIX HO.


Traditionally, the parametric design and manufacturing industry has a deep interaction with each other. As we know, the pavilion is the practice filed to represent the relationship between the manufacturing and design industry (2015:A1-A18). In recent years, this symbiotic relationship simultaneously raises the sustainable issue of overly waste the material. As a consequence, we attempt to redefine the relationship between them, and this paper includes "Form-Finding Algorithm," "Neural Style Transfer," and "Excel Solver" as a collaborative computation method to explore the relationships among the design, the manufacturing, and the sustainability.


Form-Finding Algorithm, Style Transfer, BIM, CLT Construction, Design Life-Cycle.


google satellite map (269), style image (260), style transfer (200), form finding algorithm (174), content image (160), output image (140), loss function (140), shortcut network (140), surplus timber (130), cross bracing structure (126), style transfer gan (126), timber sheet (120), terrain form finding (110), machine learning (90), st generation terrain (79), bottom network structure (79), generation terrain model (79), semi hollow column (79), bracing structure system (79), image recognition (75), terrain model (70), excel solver (70), footing plan (70), walking distance (70), neural style transfer (63), form finding (63), optimal data combination (63), bim algorithm (60), theoretical value (60), tectonic becoming (60)


Architecture, Computational and Parametric Geometry, Construction, Sustainable growth.



Video Presentation:

Full text: Maciel, A. (Ed.), 2020. Design Computation Input/Output 2020, 1st ed. Design Computation, London, UK. ISBN: 978-1-83812-940-8, DOI:10.47330/DCIO.2020.QPRF9890