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Design Computation Input/Output Conference, or simply DC I/O, was established with the premise that computational design methods should benefit from the scientific method and whenever possible, be cross-referenced in the many disciplines of design to evolve and diversify the field.

The way DC I/O is organised aims to assist in the understanding of the physical and digital relationships of producing design. It focuses on the many channels to capture the data necessary to inform design, the processes – natural and/or digital – of articulating this data input to accomplishing design, and outcomes of these processes as artifacts and references of study in the domain of computational design.

Conference papers are peer-reviewed and include the classic structure of a literature review, hypothesis, methodology, and conclusion but they give particular emphasis to the structured statement of the computational method used and how this method represents a progression in the field of research. Conference proceedings are ISBN published in an annual volume.

See the opening note by Dr. Abel Maciel HERE

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.47330/DCIO.2020.QPRF9890

Full text in: Maciel, A. (Ed.), 2020. Design Computation Input/Output 2020, 1st ed. Design Computation, London, UK. ISBN: 978-1-83812-940-8, DOI:10.47330/DCIO.2020.QPRF9890