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DC I/O 2020 keynote by SEAN HANNA.


Looking back, in the age of BIM, at an architectural or engineering drawing from a century ago, you are likely to be struck by how little information it seems to carry. The sometimes beautiful and painstakingly rendered images themselves may be elaborate, with detail that would rank high in Shannon entropy as measured by an image compression algorithm, for instance, but in terms of providing instructions to put a building together much often seems to be left out. It seems a simpler time, without the raft of large-scale details and data, sections and specifications that we might now expect, yet how could one even consider construction of something as complicated as a contemporary building without the wealth of information these provide?


DC I/O 2020, BIM, Architecture, AI.



Video Presentation:

Full text in: Maciel, A. (Ed.), 2020. Design Computation Input/Output 2020, 1st ed. Design Computation, London, UK. ISBN: 978-1-83812-940-8, DOI:10.47330/DCIO.2020.QPRF9890